Entertainment at the Apulia Europe Garden Club Eco & Sport Resort - Abruzzo

An unforgettable holiday is also having fun and being carefree.
A likeable troupe of professional entertainers is at your disposal to brighten up your days with games, tournaments, and amusing entr’actes in the village and on the beach. There is entertainment, shows, cabaret, dancing, folklore, barbecues, and spaghetti get-togethers if you want to spend an evening full of merriment in a stupendous night-time scenario. Our entertainers are a cheerful, friendly bunch but at the same time prepared, aware and responsible. These are the boys and girls of the staff who every year keep you company and assist you during your holiday adventure at Apulia Europe Garden Club Eco & Sport Resort to make wonderful and unforgettable memories that will always remain with you. The cheerfulness of the entertainers is contagious and overwhelming but at the same time discrete and non-invasive for those who love having a relaxing holiday.
At the Apulia Europe Garden Club Eco & Sport Resort, even small children find a little paradise, lovingly assisted in the multiple activities that are reserved for them. They can give vent to their fantasies, the desire to play with many little friends in the village or on the beach; miniclub, baby dance, games, baby club and really entertaining shows for them and their families to enjoy. Apulia Europe Garden Club Eco & Sport Resort has thought of the children in all situations, creating really exclusive spaces for them, starting with the beach where prepared entertainers entertain small guests from three years old upwards with games and recreational activities designed for them. Near to the Poseidon bathing establishment is a small games park at the disposal of Village Europe Garden’s little guests where mothers can keep a check on their children. There are many spaces and events in the tourist village dedicated to children who are under the visual control and guiding hand of entertainers. The children compete with one another in the preparation of artistic painting, little theme parties and theatrical representations in which they are the protagonists and the authors. They play in the swimming pool dedicated to them that has a depth of 40 cms. In the swimming pool with the deep bottom that is alongside the Olympionic pool, the bigger children wallow underneath the jet of the mushroom shower whilst mothers observe them whilst having a relaxing hydromassage. An illuminated games park is positioned in front of the swimming pool area. In the evening, the children let themselves go with Baby Dancing, singing the Hit Parade songs of the little ones. Furthermore, direct contact with the sea and nature makes the Apulia Europe Garden Club Eco & Sport Resort an inexhaustible mine of stimulations for all youngsters leaving them with very pleasant memories.

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